New Student Information

Introductory Offer

30 days $30 m street yoga


M Street Yoga is pleased to offer a very special price for new students. Attend as many classes as you like during your 30 day trial for only $30. Purchase at anytime and the offer will activate from the day of your first class.

Questions? Email us.

M Street Yoga Tips for New Students

Reserve Your Class Online
Save time and effort by booking your class online.  Just give your name at the desk to let us know you have arrived.  Easy!

Arrive A Few Minutes Early
This is time for you to prepare for class.  Students are typically not permitted to join class once it has begun, although this is up to the teacher's discretion. Please check out our cancellation policy.

Borrow a mat.
M Street Yoga is happy to let you borrow one of our mats for free.  Just wipe it down after you use it!  

Respect Your Neighbors
Keep private conversations quiet or for after class.  Please, no phone calls.

Mind Your Personal Hygiene
Be mindful of your personal hygiene and avoid wearing distracting scents.

Wear Comfortable And Appropriate Clothing
Remember it is possible for clothing to ride up or gather around your neck if it is too loose or ill-fitting.  It can also be more difficult for your teacher to know precisely what shape your body is taking if your clothes are too baggy.  Also, please keep your choice of undergarments as a private matter – we love you, but do not want to see your thong.

No cell phones
No cell phone conversations in the studio.

Communicate With Your Teacher.
Introduce yourself and let him or her know if you are dealing with any injuries.  It is also a great way to begin forming a tighter bond with your teacher.

Just Relax! 
If you are new to yoga, take it slow.  If you are an expert swami, permit yourself to release and let go.  Only your teacher is watching, and it is their job!