The Hardest Yoga You’ve Never Tried is at MSY on Thursdays

Yin is the underdog of the yoga world, likely because its quiet, inward-focused nature means that toned core muscles are not one of its primary benefits. Improvements of chronic ailments—lower back pain, spinal issues, hip and shoulder blockages—are.
— OLIVIA VILLANTI, Vogue, Nov. 9, 2016

Try Yin at M Street Yoga

Thursdays from 7:35 - 8:35pm with Xixi Rivera

Yin is a class perfect for all levels, from seasoned yogis to those new to the practice. This practice focuses on stillness and conscious breathing during long holds in postures which condition and heal the body's deepest connective tissues.  Calm your mind and body, balance your internal organs, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and reduce stress.  The list of positive side effects goes on!

Xixi Rivera, M Street Yoga Yin Instructor

Xixi Rivera, M Street Yoga Yin Instructor