MSY Yoga for Beginners Series Workshop with Megan Lynch

msy beginners series

Kick off 2017 right with this Yoga for Beginners series workshop. Three Monday night sessions with MSY’s beloved Megan Lynch will offer a foundation for you to grow a safe, healthy yoga practice.

If you are new to yoga this workshop will help you create a firm foundation for your yoga practice by learning the basics in a small, comfortable environment designed specifically for beginning practitioners who want to feel comfortable and confidant in a vinyasa class. 

You will work on standing and seated postures including forward folds, lunges, and twists. Additionally you will work on balancing poses, hip openers, and core strengthening and stabilizing postures. Join for one session or all three!

Mondays from 8:05pm – 9:35pm; January 9; January 30; February 20.

Yoga for Beginners Series Overview

msy beginner yoga
  • Jan 9 - Sun Salutations A & B. The basics of what it means to “do a vinyasa” and so much more with these essential yoga postures.
  • Jan 30 – Let’s get serious with key foundation poses! Warrior II, Triangle, Extended Side Angle, Half Moon, Lunge, Warrior I, Pyramid Pose, Warrior III and revolved variations.
  • Feb 20 – Finish strong with a final session tying it all together. Foundations and variations of common poses.

Cost: $99 + tax for all three sessions; $40 + tax per individual class.