Yoga for Beginners Workshop Series with Beth Funk

Yoga for Beginners Workshop Series with Beth Funk

Mondays from: 8:05 PM - 9:15 PM

You can save money by registering for the entire 4-part series or register for any of the classes individually. MSY will need four students registered for all 4 sessions in order to hold this workshop. Full package: $99; Individual Sessions $40.  Tax not included. 

New to Yoga? You don't have to feel like it!

Join MSY's own Beth Funk for a beginners workshop series designed to make you more comfortable on the mat so you can practice vinyasa flow yoga with confidence! Even if you have a practice but want to fine tune your skills, give this a shot! While the course is designed with the beginner in mind, if you are interested in refining your practice this workshop is for you too!

If you are new to yoga this workshop will help you create a firm foundation for your yoga practice by learning the basics in a small, comfortable environment designed specifically for beginning practitioners who want to feel comfortable and confidant in a vinyasa class. If you already practice yoga, this workshop will help you refine, strengthen, deepen, and polish your practice. You will work on standing and seated postures including forward folds, back bends, lunges and twists. Additionally you will work on balancing poses, hip openers, and core strengthening and stabilizing postures.

Session 1 (Monday, September 12): Intro to the basics. 

Understand studio traditions, norms, and etiquette so you feel comfortable and confidant each time you step into a studio. Learn the basics of a Sun Salutation. Explore and understand the key alignment points and techniques for each pose in the series, and practice the breath work that will enable you to link postures together through fluid and dynamic movement.

Session 2 (Monday, September 19): Standing and Seated Postures (Part A)

Become familiar with different standing and seated poses and literally build each pose from the ground up. Learn to use your breath, align your body, and stabilize and extend through postures that create space in your body and in your mind.

Session 3 (Monday, October 3): Standing and Seated Postures (Part B)

Further explore different foundational postures (called asanas) as you learn to link breath to movement with more challenging postures than in Session 2.

Session 4 (Monday, October 10): Final Session

Put everything you have learned together in this final session! With assistance and encouragement, refine your postures and your breath, and practice the basics of sitting in stillness as a tool to relieve stress, let go, and refresh and re-energize a tired mind and body.

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